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Free On-site Consultation Service (FOCoS) is offered by NCMC to up to two qualifying museums each year. FOCoS provides advice and guidance to small, or emerging museums, using the resources and expertise found in established museums around the state. As a result of FOCoS, not only do museums receive valuable feedback on their programs and operations, but the museum community and Council are strengthened through the collaborative effort of professionals reaching out to share their knowledge of the field.


NCMC Awards Scholarships for SEMC’s JIMI program. JIMI, a program created by the Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC), is specifically designed for administrators from new and emerging museums, and for museum professionals with subject area expertise desiring knowledge of general museum administration and operations. 

Internship Award

North Carolina Museums Council Summer Internship Award for Museums. 
Award: NCMC will provide one institution $1500 to pay an intern for summer 2016.
Eligibility: Applicants must be NCMC institutional members at the time of the application and internship. 

Student Affairs Committee 

The purpose of the Student Affairs Committee is to involve students in the museum profession. The committee provides students with the opportunity to interact with professionals in the North Carolina Museums Council through meetings and conferences.


Check this page for additional programs and professional resources. We will be adding to this page so check back often fore more.