What is FOCoS?

Free On-site Consultation Service (FOCoS) is offered by NCMC to up to two qualifying museums each year. FOCoS provides advice and guidance to small or emerging museums using the resources and expertise found in established museums around the state. As a result of FOCoS, not only do museums receive valuable feedback on their programs and operations, but the museum community and council are strengthened through the collaborative effort of professionals reaching out to share their knowledge of the field.

A two-person team of NCMC consultants is assigned to a selected qualifying site. Consultants visit and tour their assigned site over a two-day period and together offer professional advice, in the form of a written report, relating to needs specified as priorities by the recipient site.

What areas of consulting are offered?

Sites can obtain free consultations in two of the following topic areas:

  • Exhibit design and construction
  • Collections management
  • Administration of facility
  • Educational programming
  • Enlisting and recruiting volunteers
  • Marketing and public relations.

Who can apply?

Any institution may apply for consideration, however, partiality in selections will be given to those facilities with fewer financial resources-generally with an operating budget under $100,000.

Do I have to be an NCMC member to apply?

Individual or institutional membership in NCMC is not a requirement for applicants. While enlisting new members is an ongoing objective of NCMC's work, the overriding mission of FOCoS is to help small institutions, regardless of whether or not they are affiliated with NCMC.

Who do I contact?

FOCoS will be administered through NCMC's vice president, working in cooperation with the chairs of Membership Development and Professional Development. If you are interested in serving as a consultant, or would like to receive a visit from FOCoS consultants, please contact NCMC's vice president.

How do I apply?

Applications can be submitted at any time during the year.
The application deadline for the next FOCoS site visit is Friday, March 9, 2018.
Said site visit will take place during Summer 2018.

Please note that applications can be created by staff or volunteers at a museum or site, but must be finalized, reviewed and signed by the director or site representative of the applicant organization. The director or site representative is then the direct contact for all interactions involving the FOCoS program.

For more information, contact NCMC's vice president.

Some Recent Recipient Institutions

Could your institution be next?

2017 – The Milton Renaissance Foundation
2017 – Scotland County Historic Properties Commission
2016 – Swansboro Heritage Society
2015 – Asheville History Center
2012 – Korner’s Folly 
2012 – Rockingham County Historical Society Museum and Archives
2011 – Penderlea Homestead Museum
2011 – St. Paul Museum / North Randolph Historical Society
2010 – Orange County Historical Museum
2010 – Robeson County History Museum
2009 – Kannapolis History Associates
2009 – Hamlet Historic Depot Museum